Tuesday, September 17, 2013

SharePoint useful navigation Links

There are pretty much common urls in SharePoint which will be helpful to do our tasks quickly. Sometimes this saves lot of time instead of depending on the ribbon buttons or go all the way to site settings and then find required link.
In this article I am listing some useful urls which are worth remembering.

Links for site usage

The View All Site Content page
My Memberships page
My Links page
Add a Link to My Links page
My Site page
My Alerts page
Site Content and Structure page
Search Current Site and Below page

Useful Links for Authors and Editors

Manage Content page
List of last content you edited
Create a new page (in a publishing site)
Web part page maintenance

Useful Links for Site Managers

Manage Site Settings
Manage Sub Webs Page
Manage Navigation Options
Modify Top Navigation
Manage People and Groups
Create New Subsite
Manage Alerts

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