Saturday, February 14, 2015

Connect to Outlook Ribbon button disabled /greyed

Connect to outlook is disabled in SharePoint 2010- why? Any mystery? If yes then we needs to find out? Root cause? Workarounds? Resolutions?

Problem Description:
·         Connect to outlook is disabled in SharePoint 2010
·         The Ribbon button is disabled for the List
·         Connect to Outlook button is grayed out

Check List:
     Is this problem list specific or library specific?
Is this problem site specific or farm specific?
Specifically which list we are trying to connect? Whether it’s a contact list or custom list or calendar list? –very imp to find out
Features --site features/site collections features??
Does the SharePointStssync Handler enable in your IE?
Does the IE belong to 32 bit or 64 bit?
Is Client Integration disabled in the Web Application Settings?
    Very Important info: Connect to Outlook is available on the following list types  only- Calendar, Tasks, Project Tasks, Contacts, Document Library and Discussion Boards

    Multiple resolutions are available so please select the one which is feasible as per your requirements.
    Resolution 1--Try to open the same list (where we the problem is) in SharePoint Designer 2010 and then check the results.
    Resolution 2Enable the client integration feature at the web application level  (note: if the problem is farm wide)
    Resolution 3if the problem is occurring because of IE then enables the sync handler
    How to enable this:
    Internet Explorer—Tools--Manage Add-ons--Enable or Disable Add-ons
    ·         In the Show drop down and select "Add-Ons currently loaded in IE " and find for -" SharePoint Stssync Handler "
    ·         if it’s not there then click on Show drop down and select "Add-Ons that have been used by IE" and find for " SharePoint Stssync Handler "
    ·         Enable it
    ·         Restart the browser and then check "Connect to Outlook" option is visible or not.

    Product applies to:
    1.    Windows 7 client Operating system
    2.    Office 2010
    3.    IE 7.0 or IE 8.0
    4.    SharePoint 2010
    5.    SharePoint Foundation 2010

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