Friday, February 13, 2015

Refreshing AD Properties in SharePoint User Profile

When adding/changing/removing (additional) AD properties (for example when using FIM), newly created properties do not (at least not immediately) appear in the User Profile Service application. As long as they are not visible in the GUI, they can not be mapped to User Profile Properties.

The following procedure updates the AD schema used and makes the properties visible in the Central Admin (User Profile Service App) for mapping purposes.

1. Make sure profile sync is not running
2. Remove any property mappings in the SharePoint user profiles to non-existing AD properties
3. Open MIISClient (<drive>:\Program Files\Microsoft Office Servers\14.0\Synchronization Service\UIShell)
4. Open the Management Agents tab
5. Click on the AD Management Agent (MOSSAD-<domainname>)
6. Click on the Refresh Schema button in the Actions pane
7. You are asked if you want to proceed, do so
8. You will be asked to enter the SharePoint AD Import account password, do so and click OK
9. Schema is beiing refreshed
10. If non-existing AD properties are still in use in the SharePoint User Profile db mappings, the process will fail (it will tell you what properties are still in use). If not, the process will complete
11. Click Close

Schema refresh is completed.

12. Initiate a full AD import from the User Profile Service app.
13. The refreshed AD schema is now being used in the User Profile app, so new AD properties can be mapped and used in the User Profiles.

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